Ask your local roofing contractors !

Do I need a new roof?

You might need a roof replacement if you notice water leaks, a damaged roof membrane or flashing, or aged roofing materials. 

Instead of replacement, you can also consider a roof repair if your roof has not reached its expiration date. Make sure to choose what's right for your roof!

Why should I use flashing on my roof?

Flashing is used to help direct water away from areas in your roof that are more prone to damages. Without flashing, rain water or melted snow could travel into roof junctions like walls and dormers, and end up causing leaks or damages.

What can I do to give my roof a longer lifespan?

The lifespan of your roof can be prolonged by maintaining your roof surface clean. Moss, fungi, and mold can accumulate easily in humid environments if the roof is not cleaned properly, causing damages to your roof and costing you money that could've been avoided.